Q u e s t i o n s

1 // What if I don’t live in San Diego?

No problem! My bags are always packed and ready to goooo. There will most likely be a small travel fee equalling a round trip airline ticket and a minimum of 2 nights accommodations but I am SO inspired by other places and love having this job of mine take me to new places so let’s do it! Inquire and we’ll figure out a custom travel package that works for us both! (FYI accommodations not needed for Portland, Seattle, or LA)

2 // My partner is not a fan of photos…are we in trouble??

HECK NO. Literally 99% of my clients say something like this and then BAM hello all of a sudden they are models. That’s where I come in! I promise sessions with me are laid back, chill, and so fun!! I vibe off of your specific relationship, what you guys are comfortable with and we go from there! By the end you’ll hardly notice that I had a camera in my hand the whole time. Think of it as a fun day date where your good friend Kate just happens to be a long for the ride capturing all your sweet, silly, goofy, fun-ness.

3 // Do you meet people before booking?

I am SUCH a fan of chatting as sooooon as possible! In fact, right after you reach out I’ll probably suggest a phone or Facetime call. Why?? The sooner I can get to you know you right off the bat (and vice versa) the BETTAH. I get you’re busy bee's and have a lot on your plate. Facetime’s my favorite because it feels like we’re all hanging out without leaving the house! BUT if you’re in the San Diego area the YEAH totally i’d love to buy ya a coffee and learn about all your wedding hopes and dreamz.

4 // Have you shot at our venue before? Does it matter?

Maybe! Truthfully, it doesn’t make a difference. Even if I had, it will still be completely different from your day! The lighting could be completely different or there might be different staff working. I ALWAYS get to a wedding at LEAST 30 minutes (sometimes an hour) early especially if I haven’t shot there before so I can get the lay of the land and pick all the best spots for your day! If i'm traveling to you, i’ll often stop by the day before to check the lighting and introduce myself to the staff. Even if I have shot there before my process will be the same so there’s really no difference!

5 // How many photos do we get in our gallery??

For an 8 hour wedding day I normally deliver a minimum of about 700. If your wedding is shorter there might be less and if your wedding is longer there might be more! I never limit the number of photos I deliver but I promise the only ones you’re not receiving are the duplicates, the blinks, the photos that I know you won’t want in your final gallery.

6 // When do we get to see our photos?

Ah I know you’ll want to see them asap, but I also want to make sure they are PERFECT. For weddings you’ll never wait longer than 6 weeks and for sessions it’s 2 weeks! Becuase I know you’ll be a touch antsy, I’ll send ya some sneakies 48 hours after your wedding or session so you can Oo and Aw over your cuteness right away!!

7 // What if you get sick on our wedding day?

Totally a fair concern. First and foremost, unless I physically can not get out of bed, I WILL be there. However, if something crazy happens I make sure someone with a similar personality and shooting style will be there. Don’t worry, any way you slice it, you will be covered!

8 // Can you change your editing?

The amazing thing about this industry is there is literally something for everyone! I like to describe my work as classic with a modern twist MEANING I want your photos to be timeless but with the teensiest bit of pizazz. My editing is always evolving to make sure the colors and feel are always the best they can be but for the most part what you see here and on my instagram is what you will get! If you want to see more, just ask!

9 // What types of couples do you shoot?

Any and all, baby! Love is love is love and I am here. for. it!! I don’t care if you’re purple, spotted, or have zebra stripes, if you’re crazy about your person and are down to make some magic then let’s DOO ITT.

If you have any other questions, just ask!