Constanza + Eliott | Sedona Engagement | Arizona Engagement Photographer

On the day morning of their shoot over Jersey Mike's sandwiches, Eliott asked me what my all time favorite shoot was. I racked my brain as literally every single shoot holds a special place in my heart. Whether it's becuase of the couple, the location, or just the overall vibe, I can truly say i've been blessed by some amazing clients. I picked a few that particularly stood out to me, but what I didn't say was that I was pretty sure theirs, later that afternoon, would take the cake. I just had a feeling this shoot would become one of my all time favorites if not my favorite. For starters, they chose Sedona, Arizona for the location of their shoot - this is amazing becuase 1. It is a special place for them, one they had spent countless weekends at in their dating tenure, and 2. Well, have you seen Sedona?! It's pretty much a photographers dream - gorgeous landscape, amazing desert light the list could go on, and on. Secondly, they are freaking BEAUTIFUL people. LIIIKE seriously?! How are two people that good looking together. Idk but they are, and that is also a major plus. The third reason I wasn't sure of until I started shooting but CHEMISTRY. I have known Constanza since college, but had only met Eliott that weekend. (I'd like to think we became fast friends as he continuously gave me crap the whole weekend for being such a slow eater I took it as a postive sign as light hearted crap giving is only reserved for friends right?!) BUT ANYWAY, back to them - I kinda assume anyone getting married has amazing chemistry but you never really know. So anyway, put these two, in a a gorgeous setting with the sweetest and most intimate chemistry and straight magic happens. Sure there are things we photographers do to create an environment clients feel comfortable in but you can't fake chemistry. THAT is all them.  Earlier in the day, before the shoot and amongst our chatting Eliott had said "ehhh I hate photos" forward to the end of the evening over burgers and beers (did I mention this was my favorite shoot?!) he turned to me and said "hey that was actually really fun" SCORE. that is the goal my friends, that is the goal. Also, they are goals so there's that. ENJOY. 

Part 2 coming SOON. Get ready.