Alysha + Braxton | Sunrise Rattlesnake Lake Session | Destination Engagement Photographer

Alysha and Braxton met me on a one of the first fall mornings (it was in August but you could feeeeel the seasons turning) for a little misty sunrise session. Of course with sunrise sessions you initally hope it’s sunny but it was cozy and misty and all around a beautiful pnw morning. Sunrise sessions are honestly my FAV and here’s why. 1. If it is sunny you get the creamiest, dreamiest light 2. You get to start your day snuggling your favorite person in the gorgeous outdoors 3. Even if it’s cloudy it produces the most beautiful consistent light 4. You can squeeze it in before a work day and by the time you start your work day, you’ve completed your engagement session and got to spend time with your love! WINS allll around. Alysha and Braxton were such troopers in the cold and I’m so thankful they let me be a part of this time in their lives! And lastly, of course, GO ZAGS.

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