Arni and Chris | Leavenworth Wedding | Kate Van Amringe Photography

A wedding dress / jumpsuit combination, hand sewn bowties for the groomsmen made by the mother of the bride, parasails for the ceremony, soft pretzels - an ode to the bavarian town they were getting married in, sweet flower crowns for the bridal party, croquet - I MEAN - seirously the details were exquisite and oh so lovely. Arni and her parents put their heart and soul into this day, and come August 26 it showed. Love was ever present and it was a joy for me to witness. Arni and Chris were so thoughtful in all their preparations which is a direct reflection of the love they have for one another.  I felt so lucky to be in that space absorbing the beauty all around us. It was one of those days that made me so thankful for this job. My couples are just THE BEST.