Seattle Couples Photographer | Kate Van Amringe Photography

Finally getting around to sharing these cuties!! I nannied for a couple years while getting my business off the ground and an unexpected, but welcome, side effect were the sweet friendships I made! Nannying doesn’t initially seem like a job where you would make a lot of adult friends, but she was one of those people to cross my path during that time and I am so thankful! She is wise beyond her years, the sweetest soul, and I constantly forgot that I was almost 10 years older than her. We would take our little nanny babes to the park and day dream about places we wanted to travel; she definitely got me through a lot of those afternoons where you feel like you haven’t spoken to another adult all day. She and her boyfriend, Grant, are the cutest and I was so happy to be able to do a little couples session for them on one of my trips to Seattle this summer. Enjoy their sweetness!

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