Sunrise Bridal Session | Destination Wedding | Kate Van Amringe Photography

Lauren is resilient, strong beyond belief, has a caring, empathetic, and compassionate heart, is the MOST fun to be around, can dance like there’s no tomorrow, has the special gift of really seeing and acknowledging the best parts of people, and is so humble. Not to mention, she’s insanely beautiful - i mean - who really can wake up at 5:30 and look this good?! I’ll save most of my mushy thoughts about their wedding for that blog post, but what a privilege it was to get to spend the first hour of her wedding day capturing her beauty, the beauty that surrounded us, and the anticipated joy that was this day. It was almost a meditative hour standing next to the breezy creek side creating with this amazing woman. It’s moments and sessions like these that really light me up and remind myself why I love doing this. It’s really a special thing to get show someone the beauty they bring to the world and that others get to see all the time; a little reflection of the gift that they are to all in their life.

I’ll be obsessed with these images for a while - lauren thank you for allowing me to capture this moment for you!! xxx