Emma + Sam | Olympic Sculpture Park | Seattle Engagement Session

AH where do I even BEGIN with this one?! Emma was one of my first friends freshman year of college. We lived in the same hall, had the same group of girlfriends and even were from the same-ish hometown but didn’t know each other before we got to Gonzaga. She was my saving grace during breaks and summer when I missed my GU people and was the reason I moved to Seattle in the first place.

Her: I’m moving to Seattle wanna come?

Me: Sure, why not?!

Literally, I’m pretty sure that was the gist of that convo.. ohhhhh to be 23. ;) We were roommates, went through all the post college growing pains together and through all the ups and downs came out on the other end almost NINE years later…uh what. To see her with Sam is so sweet and special for me. They make such a good team, are the best puppy parents to their doodle, Wyatt (and I maybe be just a proud Auntie KK but is he the cutest or WHAT), and I know they have what it takes to get through this crazy thing called life. It gives me the warm and fuzzies to know we have the rest of our lives to hang out, go on trips, raise families together and UGH I will be a big pile of mush at their wedding in December. LOVE THEM.