Seattle Washington Engagement Session | Kate Van Amringe Photography

AH THESE CUTIES. My absolute favorite thing is when couples comes to me a little nervous, anxious, cautious about an engagement session and end up having a good time!! More than just photos that capture the joy, fun, and love in a relationship, I hope the experience is just as memorable. If the couple turns to me at the end and says “hey that was fun!” with a little bit of surprise in their voice I consider my job (mostly) done ha. Anyway, i’d say that was the case with these two!! They admitted to being a little nervous but as you can see they absolutely killed it!! I promise engagement sessions are not as awkward or scary as you might think. It’s basically just loving up on the person you are most yourself around and frolicking in windy fields with me as I capture your sweetness and yell at you how stinking cute you are :)

Anyway, we had a blast even in the cold and wind and I am SO excited for their wedding next year in Leavenworth, WA! I just know their wedding will just be one giant party filled with fun, great music and a whole lotta love!! xxx

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