Brandon + Taylor | St. Aloysius Church | Spokane, WA

Go zags. The end.

Just kidding. But really - I have known these two since our college days. They left for Nashville for a few years and I went to Seattle and it wasnt until they moved back to the PNW that we reconnected and I'm so glad we did! They are two of the sweetest, warmest, most fun duo. You can really tell they are the best of friends and after spending more time with the two of them through the 2 or so years before their wedding they I got to see how well and how completely they love each other. Their friendship serves a beautiful foundation and their love is what will carry them through.

One of my favorite things about wedding days is being in the presence of the bride and grooms biggest cheer leaders. Every one there on a wedding day loves the couple so deeply and whether thats through the speeches, hugs, tears, or kind words spoken it never fails to touch and humble me. It reminds me how much love and how many good people there are in the world. Taylor and Brandon's day was no different and as I observed the day as I always do I was so touched at how much love was there. 

The wedding was beautiful and each detail so thought out. Brandon even did the acrylic lettering HIMSELF. Just the happiest day and as always I am so grateful I could be there to capture the mems!! 

Also thanks to my lovely second shooter, Laura Wick as she contributed to their gallery.