Kat and Brendan | NorCal Wedding | Kate Van Amringe Photography

Oh where to even begin. The first word that comes to mine is grateful. So grateful these two chose me to capture their special day; to allow me to be up close and personal on the happiest day of their lives, trusting me with images that will be handed down from generation to generation. It really is surreal in the very best way. If you recall from their engagement session, these two are just perfect for each other. It is so sweet to watch how they love each other, because they do - they love each other so well. Never have I seen two people more perfectly matched. Runners, romantics, lovers, now life partners. 

Also, a bride in a sparkly crop top?! Yes please. Kat’s gorgeous 2 dress ensemble was created by BHLDN and those insane florals were crafted by Hannah Muller.