Personal Project | The Studio | Seattle, WA

The thing that inspires me most in the world of photography is people. It's what first drew me in, and it's what keeps me going. I get inspiration from a number of things - design, light, location, color, but most all its the people in front of the lens who light that fire within me. 

2016 was a growing year, and my hope is that 2017 will be a continuation of that growth. Part of that, in relation to photography, is to explore more personal projects. My hope is that it will A). keep me inspired so I can bring that inspiration to all my shoots and B). allow for creative freedoms to keep pushing the boundries of what I know about photography and myself as a photographer. 

For this set, my inspiration was, honestly, hair. These two rockstars have such awesome hair - both similar textures but different colors. This brought me to the idea of creating a set based off of symmetry. Crisp, simple, off-beat symmetry where nothing is exactly the mirror image but has similar tones and feels. Somewhere along the way, women, power, and confidence leaked their way into my thought process and shaped how some of the shoot went. 

I am so thankful for these ladies for letting me shoot their beautiful selves. They knocked it out of the park! xx