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Hi beauties! I hope this fall season is treating you well. I feel like fall went by too fast last year, so I am trying to be even more present and aware of all the wonderful colors Seattle gives us. I was out in Carnation on Sunday for a shoot and I just kept marveling to myself of how beautiful this stinking state is!! For those that don't live in this area, add it to your bucket list! It is a gorgeous little corner of the country and one I feel blessed to live in. 

I was doing a little computer cleaning today and came across a little questionnaire I did for a mentor sesh a year ago (with the fabulous Allison Harp). As I make this transition to making this a full time job it was a beautiful little reminder to me why I love photography and why I want to make this my life's work. I also thought it would give clients a little insight into who their photographer is and why she does what she does.

Who are YOU? What makes you tick? Tell me all your fun facts and about-me’s and what inspires you, etc etc. Spill it, girl.

if i could say one thing that explains me is that i LOVE the little things-small moments, little joys- alway have and always will- I really do think they are the most important, and perhaps that’s why i am so drawn to photography --bc it helps capture those little fleeting moments that make up our lives. I also LOVE the outdoors- its part of the reason i cant bear to leave the pnw just yet..its way too beautiful…and i have a serious mountain crush on Rainier--as in gasp everytime i see it, crush. food and me are besties-i know a lot of people like to say that, but im so serious-  food brings people together, and if you know where to look its just really, really good. I guess you could say im about human connection too at the core of it -i think everyone just wants to be understood and there are few feelings in life, like the feeling the moment you make a connection with someone- i’d liken it to a high of sorts.  cut and dry, people inspire me, nature inspires me, TRAVEL inspires me-every time i get on a plane (although i am TERRIFIED of planes-serious flight anxiety over here--if i had a weird tag line it would be hates planes loves to travel), but every time i get on a plane i can just feel the excitement inside me well up-its something about visiting new places and even old places that awakens my soul. hmm what else. im a total cat person. i love dogs, but if i had to choose, cats allll the way. i have a (clothes) button collection with almost 1,000 buttons in it-i started it when i was 4 when my friend gave me a button for coming over to her house. i was hooked after that. elephants are my favorite animal even before it became a fad-i swear i loved them first hahaha. when i went to zambia 3 years ago, i FREAKED on the safari when we got close to the ellies---i think i took like 500 pictures alone of just those little creatures by the watering hole-i was so excited i thought i might jump out of the van and go hug one. sunflowers are my favorite flower, i love chocolate (duh), going on nighttime drives listening to music is one of my favorite activities- oh ya music inspires me too--people are so dang talented its crazy - everytime i go to a concert im like YOU ARE A GENIUS. indie/folk/acoustic is my die hard favorite, although i appreciate all types. uhhhm are you bored yet?? SHOES, i love shoes. i dont like running, but im really fast- hiking/walking is my favorite form of exercise. so ya, shoes, people, food, photos, cats, music, travel, connection. i think that pretty much sums me up! phew!

Why did you start shooting? What draws you to photography?

I can’t really say why per say- its just something i’ve always sort of done. my grandpa gave me a simple film point and shoot before a trip to hawaii one year when i was in 5th grade and i was immediately hooked- ive looked at those pictures since and thought dang i wasnt too shabby at 11 with a little point and shoot with no zoom! ha rule of 3rds and errthang. in high school i took a photography class and there was a moment where i took a photo of one of my classmates and the lighting was so good and i just was like UM i love this. the teacher gave me good feedback too and i started to think maybe i should really think about this. THEN it wasn’t until my sophomore year like 3 years later when i had a year of traveling abroad in front of me that i thought maybe i should actually get a dslr. basically being in zambia and then florence 2 months later just amplified my love for photography. in zambia it allowed me to connect with people when language was a barrier-it allowed me to tell a story about people i knew very little about-it brought 2 worlds so completely different and far apart a little closer together once i got back home. i always say photography allows me to see better. when i have a camera in my hand, the world gets really quiet and i just see things more clearly-moments, love, joy, pain, beauty. i almost feel like i have x-ray vision. i can pinpoint beauty, what would have been a brief moment in time, and save it forever. i love that. i love photos because they help us see the good in things. you may have had a bad year and you may remember that year bc of the bad, but look at a photograph of a happy point in that year and you’ll think man what a good year that was! i love that. im happiest when im creating and the type of creating photography allows is so unique. it constantly pushes me to try new things, new angles, new view-points and to play with depth of field to create something different. the cool thing is, everyone sees differently, so put 2 photographers in front of the same view and the feeling of the photograph will be completely different. i love that too.

What drew you to my work?  

 i stalk a lot of photographers and i have many photographer crushes for many different reasons- i love certain photographers because they have awesome lighting in their photos, or interesting compositions, or cool places, or a certain dreamyness that makes me feel like im living in a watercolor painting, but yours, very simply put, made me feel. and thats basically what i aspire to have my photos to do. i dont just want people to say, “thats a pretty photo” i want people to say, “this makes me feel something”. your photos do just that. they are beautiful and interesting and authentic and they make you feel and i love that and i think that’s what photography is all about. and that is why in my book, and obviously a few others, you are an awesome photographer.  the end. 

Who is your ideal client?

someone who is very much themselves, who isnt afraid to do something out of the ordinary to get a cool shot, who is up for anything, who sees the value in photography and knows why they want to invest in it, someone who is filled with passion whether thats for their partner or their friends or family, their hobby or their job-- or merely a passion for living and wanting to capture it to remember it. 


Allll the x's and o'x - Kate