Maui Day 3 | Kate Van Amringe Photography

Day 3 we had a slow morning of coffee, smoothie bowls and a few hours at Camole Beach which was half a block in front of our condo. The perfect slow morning we had been craving. After lunch we decided to check out Makena Beach - a repeated suggestion from friends and family. It was stormy but OH MY GOSH.  We couldn't get over how blue the water was and how soft and yellow the sand was - the epitome of a hawaiian beach. AND THE WAVES. I think I took probably over 100 wave pictures probably basically all the same but they were so beautiful and the water so clear I couldn't help myself. This was such a perfect afternoon which ended with cocktails at the Fairmount. I had a pina colada which rated last on my "quest to find the perfect pina". Still good but not as good as the Montage's the day before. 

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