Maui Day 1 | Kate Van Amringe Photography

Travel is something I highly value and I find myself doing a fair amount throughout the year. Some of that is a product of living in a different state from my family, some of it is living in a different state than some of my best friends, some of it is a product of my job as a wedding photographer and some of it is by choice! 

Sometimes all it takes is being in a new place to get a renewed sense of yourself and your life. I find often the routine of life creates a fog of sorts and physically lifting myself out of my day to day creates a clarity that is revitalizing and renewing. A few months ago I saw a free week in my schedule and immediately knew I had to take advantage. My friend Katie views travel the same way. We value it similarly and budget for it accordingly. I’ve always valued experiences over physical gifts as I find the impact lasts much longer. She’s the same and therefore is one of those friends who makes it happen - granted we both have pretty flexible work schedules so that definitely helps. We took a trip to Banff a few years ago and knew it was time for another one of “Katie and Kate’s Grand Adventures”. 

This time it was Maui! The perfect spot for getting rid of the February blues. Neither of us had been before which made it the ideal choice when looking at all the hawaiian islands. As the weeks crept closer, the weather didn't look good - rain forecast for everyday. We tried to remain optimistic as many people reminded us of the micro climates and unpredictability of rain due to Maui being an island in the middle of the Pacific. I tried to change my expectation and thought to myself, “ok so if it does rain everyday, i’ll still be in Hawaii and it’ll still be warm" (honestly one of the most important parts bc HELLO FROZEN TUNDRA THAT IS SEATTLE….ok I know many places are colder but still. its cold). 

WELL. Day 1 and it was rainy and cloudy the whole day. Trying to keep our sun craving selves happy we decided to go on an adventure that didn’t necessarily require sun. We found ourselves at the Lava Fields at La Perouse Bay. It was beautiful even in the sprinkling rain and most importantly it was WARM. We walked along the path through the lava rocks which was pretty epic and ended the day stopping along side the road for a #youngcoconut. Pretty darn good. Also random but necessary side note - upon arriving the night before we decided last minute to spring for the Jeep. and LET ME TELL YOU - it might have been one of the best decisions of our trip. Riding top down, blasting music as the warm hawaiian sun hits your face - i'm convinced there's nothing better. 

Later that day we found ourselves at the Four Season for cocktail hour - a tradition we kept up the entirety of the trip - hopping from fancy resort to fancy resort trying allll the cocktails. Highly recommend - we joked I should write a blog post on how to get the 4 Seasons experience without staying at 4 seasons. (Pro Tip : get the mai tai - it is every bit as good as they say and the mean it when they say "spirit forward" ha) It's hard to be anything but content when you're in paradise. 

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