Hana Day 4 | Kate Van Amringe Photography

Ohhhh Hana. TBH becuase our trip hadn't been THE SUNNIEST I was not as excited as Hana as I would have liked to admit. It required another early start on vacation and being on the rainiest side of the island rain was a guarantee. HOWEVER we got our booties up at 6am to get to the start of the road by 7am. Impressive if I do say so myself. We were one of the first cars on the road which was also a bonus having only open road immediately in front of us. There is SO MUCH TO SEE in hana it is kinda overwhelming and a TON of it is not marked well so you really have to search. After "missing" a few pull overs Katie and I decided what we really wanted was to enjoy the drive and not worry if we missed an epic location so we instead picked a few destinations what we knew we didn't want to miss and pulled over when we saw something we liked. I highly recommend this strategy as you can just fully enjoy the sites you're seeing along the way! Our two main stops were Black Sand Beach and Red Sand Beach and they did NOT disappoint. It was incredibly stormy but we got the beaches mostly to ourselves which was a major plus. We also stopped on the side of the road to get some delicious banana bread. We were laughing bc it seemed like banana bread was a major "thing" in maui. We saw it advertised everywhere! So funny. We pulled over to this little stand that seemed like it was somewhat of an institution since there were pictures all over the walls of people visiting. I wish I knew the name, but the woman that ran it was the sweetest and the only place open on the drive! Hello Sundays on Maui.  Another clutch choice was to go around the back side of the island for the way back. Not only were we kinda tired of the windy roads we also heard there were beautiful views that were totally different. It's sorta advertised as a "no-no" due to road conditions but there was enough out there that said to go ahead and do it so we did! In the beginning the road was super rough and somewhat treacherous along the coast - having the Jeep def came in handy - but soon it evened out and spit us out on the mountain overlooking Kihei where we were staying. Highly recommend. We finished the road trip around 1pm and decided to head to one of the small tucked away beaches towards Makena to end the day. Afterwards we made our way home to change before heading out for our nightly cocktail. This time at the Andaz. Such a cool resort and we both decided we were stay here out of all the resorts we had seen. Also their Pina Colada was my favorite. Ah so good. Take me back plz

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