Liv + Austin Engagement | San Jose, CA

The story of how liv and i met sounds a lot like the beginnings of a love story and thats because i suppose it sorta is. i spotted her in english class sophomore year of collage as the cute girl who didn’t wear makeup and STILL looked pretty and put together at 9am (a concept beyond me at the time). she saw me as the girl who showed up to class wayyy over dressed and put together, ONLY bc i had to wear nice “teacher clothes” to my education class the hour before. she asked me to study one day, invited me to her birthday dinner a week later, and basically the rest is history. i like to tease her that she pretty much forced me to be friends with her but truth is i was was eyeing a friendship with her from the beginning too. liv is one of those friend soulmates - and i can tell you there is nothing more wonderful than watching a friend soulmate say yes to her soulmate-soulmate.

austin and liv started way before i came into the picture. they are high school friends turned high school sweethearts, turned LIFE PARTNERS. i didn’t meet austin for a long time after liv and i became friends but as soon as i did it was like AHA. yes. this makes sense. this works. this feels comfortable and real and wonderful. at first meeting i could just tell they were truly best friends and madly in love with each other at the same time. and that’s just the dream ain’t it?

liv and austin i just love you guys so much. thank you for letting tag along on this most perfect day. can’t wait for 8.12.17!! (insert all the heart eyes)

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