Lifestyle | Banff / Jasper, Canada

Sometimes, life is peachy keen and everything goes right. And other times, you have to take life's less than ideal situations and turn them into something peachy keen.  Take one friend's less than ideal situation and another friend's never ceasing urge to travel and what do you have? Kate and Katie's Canada Road Trip 2016. End result = epic trip. The goal? Not to hurt the bank accounts toooo too much as we have one friend now unemployed and another living in the bay. The solution? BANFF, CANADA. Roughly 12 hours from Seattle, camping capabilities, BEAUTIFUL, and most importantly we could say we were out of the country, because ya know that sounds fancy and important. (and honestly a break from the phones was a TREAT).

I had heard of Lake Louise a few years back VIA a blog but other than that I knew nothing of what to see or do in Banff or Jasper.  We turned to our best resources (instagram, obvi) and up came a million cool places to check out. Also, I am pretty sure instagram is changing the way we travel, because in the weeks leading up to the trip we both tagged each other multiple times in photos from those two areas from other photographers and bloggers. 

Anyway we ended up staying 2 days in Banff and 2 days in Jasper. I think our favorite parts were Morraine Lake, The Larch Valley hike, the drive from Banff to Jasper and seeing big horned sheep. ALSO our cute little Jasper river-side cabin we stayed in on the last night. It was adorable and SO incredibly peaceful, definitely a nice retreat from all the camping we did. ;)  

It was truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I plan on going back as soon as POSSBILE. 

(also, for some reason the photos are out of order and whatever I do can't figure out to get them in order - so frustrating! so im putting my need for order aside and calling it good. it'll have to do. )

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