Matt + Lynn Lifestyle Wedding | La Canada, CA

i come from a rather small town. maybe not by mid-west standards, but by LA standards, its SMALL. we called it the bubble. the AMAZING thing about this bubble, however, was it fostered wonderful relationships. even still, these humans still make up half of 'my people'.  its like this little army of family friends, and i can't help but feel totally at home when i go back to visit b/c there they are at every turn. i used to somewhat dread this in college- sometimes you just wanna go to starbucks in your yoga pants and NOT see the whole world, but now i appreciate it, and any chance i get to see all the people who helped shape who i am, i am game! 

a few weekends ago i got to travel back  home to shoot a  back yard wedding reception for one of these family friends. all my people were there, and it was just wonderful.